• Faye Purdon

Who're you calling a wacko?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

So here we go, my first ever blog post! I'd like to become more confident in my writing. I have this fear around people not being interested to read what I have to say, there is so much stuff and information out there, why would someone be interested in little ol' me? So here I go, trying to break through that barrier, diffusing the beautiful Wild Orange oil to 'foster creativity and encourage an abundant and joyful approach to life'! (From Essential Emotions reference book)

So there has been a lot of misinformation and scaremongering going on of late and I’m here to set a few things straight.

- Just because you don’t understand something - e.g. network marketing, the MLM business structure, essential oil safety and usage - doesn't mean that the people who do are wackos. I don’t need to have a degree in aromatherapy to share products I am passionate about. I am not treating people and prescribing, I am simply sharing my knowledge following the safety guidelines set out by the industry. Yes, the industry being Doterra, the largest essential oil company in the world, who are at the forefront of conducting new scientific research on essential oils and the body. By saying that all MLM companies are cons and pyramid schemes just shows me that you can’t be bothered finding out what these companies actually offer and how they work. There are people in every industry, whether it’s a MLM or traditional business structure who may not follow the rules, but you don’t need to lump the entire industry into that category, it devalues what I do and it’s unfair. I invite you to reach out if you have doubts about the integrity of the company, I’m happy to share my knowledge and have an adult conversation. As an example, it’s like saying all nutritionists/dietitians are ‘wacko’ because a small number of them created and support the health star rating…. which in my opinion is a total joke. You’re lumping an entire industry in with just a few….get my drift? I understand that people have done significant training in certain areas around nutrition and within the wellness industry, but the way forward is for prosperity and abundance for all of us, in a new economy where we can collaborate with each other, support each other and allow for self development and self care inside of our business structure instead of the old patriarchal mode of competition, scarcity and fear mongering.

“More and more companies will choose to use Network Marketing because it fits the New Economy. They can provide all the corporate support and pay distributors on a purely performance basis to promote their products. It’s extremely efficient because in the New Economy, word-of-mouth advertising continues to work better than any other form of promotion.” ― Eric Worre

- Doterra would not be allowed to conduct business if what they are doing is harming people. With 7 million customers world wide, I’m pretty sure that if what they are suggesting is harming people in their millions, they would not be allowed to continue to operate. They are the most tested oils on the planet, no other essential oil company goes through the lengths Doterra does to make sure their oils are 100% pure, guaranteed every, single, time. Each batch goes through around 50 tests, some on a molecular level, to find even the minutest of adulterations, contaminants and impurities. All of the results are readily, and easily found on by simply entering the batch number found on the bottom of your bottles. Trying to find out this sort of information from other companies is practically impossible. If you want to learn about the specific tests that are carried out on each batch of oils, head over to the science pages on the information is at your fingertips.

“doTERRA developed this rigorous criteria to certify that its oils contain no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. Utilising its own facilities, as well as trusted third-party labs, doTERRA essential oils undergo the CPTG process to ensure that customers receive the highest quality oil, every time.” Source To You

- The food grade oils are imported into Australia APPROVED by the TGA for use as food and drink flavouring. Common sense prevails, ALWAYS read the bottle to make sure the oil is approved as food flavouring, ALWAYS follow the safe dilution instructions, NEVER drink oils out of the bottle, I really shouldn’t have to say that but there you go. When we flavour food with these pure and potent oils we are not talking mills, we are talking drops. A little goes a very long way, whether you are cooking with them, cleaning, diffusing or applying topically.

- So lets talk safety… As with any products used for health and wellness you need to keep your oils out of the reach of children as they don’t understand the potency of these little bottles. As you would keep your medications out of their reach, it’s the same with oils. A specific dose of medicine may help them when they are sick, but you don’t want them opening a bottle of Panadol for example and them drinking the whole bottle. The same thought process needs to apply to your essential oils. When applying your oils topically it is always recommended that they are diluted, especially for those with sensitive skin, the young and the old. Here is a little chart to help with safe quantities. For more information on safely using essential oils, whether you are just starting out or already on your journey and would like to read up, click on this link:

Recommended usage guidelines

There are lots of interesting ebooks on different uses and applications for essential oils, and you can find them here:

- I don’t offer medical advice, I offer support for your wellness needs! Life for me is about balance, I love having natural solutions at my fingertips. If I can support my family’s wellness needs totally naturally, why not? But i’m going to use common sense, just because I like using essential oils, it doesn’t mean I don’t go to my GP when my kids are sick, it doesn’t mean I won’t give them antibiotics if they need it. But why can’t the two be integrated? If you are on medication and you would like to start using essential oils, speak to your doctor, find out if any essential oils have known contraindications with your medicine. Act on the side of caution, but don’t totally shun these incredible gifts of nature just because you don’t understand their healing power. Do your research, educate yourselves. And if you have any questions, I am ALWAYS here to answer them, and I will do my best to offer you the best advice I can.

- If you would like to attend one of my workshops or if you want to host your own, I am more than happy to come to you. If you want me to tailor the class to your specific needs, all you need to do is ask, I work with an awesome, dynamic team and we all have strengths in different areas. We are a supportive clan who love to share our knowledge and we jump at the opportunity to get people onto their journey of health and wellness, helping people eliminate toxins from their homes and inspire them to take their health into their own hands.

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